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PTFE air filter membrane

Name:PTFE air filter membrane


PTFE air filter membrane

PTFE air filter membrane is made of polytetrafluoroethylene microporous membrane with unique node fibrillation. It is made by pressing, rolling, degreasing and high temperature biaxial stretching and setting curing. Its pore size, thickness and porosity can be According to the requirements of the adjustment during stretching, the produced film can be applied to the surface of various filter materials by composite processing. The product made by the film has high filtration efficiency, up to 99.99% filtration effect, and nearly zero emission; Low running resistance, fast filtration speed, long service life and reusable, thus reducing operating costs. It is mainly used for soot filtration of various industrial furnaces such as chemical, steel, metallurgy, carbon black, power generation, cement, and waste incineration.

Main features:

1, the filtration accuracy reaches 99.9% or more

2, the surface is smooth, chemical resistant

3, breathable and impervious, large air permeability

4, flame retardant, high temperature

5, anti-strong acid and alkali, non-toxic

Technical Parameters:

Thickness: 2-4um

Width: 1300-2650mm

Aperture: 0.2-0.5um

Air permeability: 30-120L/m2.s (127pa differential pressure)

Porosity: 80-97%

Temperature resistance: -150 ° C -300 ° C

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