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PTFE clothing film

Name:PTFE clothing film


PTFE clothing film

The PTFE garment film is a microporous film made by a biaxial stretching method using the pore-forming property of a polytetrafluoroethylene resin. The film is waterproof and breathable, has good waterproof and moisture permeable function; in addition, because the film micropores are extremely fine and longitudinally irregularly curved, the wind is impenetrable, thereby having the characteristics of wind resistance and warmth; It also has good abrasion resistance and water wash resistance and can be combined with any fabric. Based on the above characteristics, PTFE clothing film can be widely used in military clothing, medical clothing, casual clothing, fire protection, anti-virus, water-immersion operations and other special protective clothing, outdoor sports clothing, shoes, hats, gloves and other accessories as well as sleeping bags, tents, rain gear, etc. The material makes the human body feel more suitable.

Main features:

1, waterproof, breathable, moisture permeability

2, both windproof and warm

3, wear-resistant, washable

4, anti-nuclear biochemical performance is good

Technical Parameters:

Hydrostatic pressure: ≥16000mm water column

Moisture permeability: ≥10000g/m2.24hr (ASTME-96-2000)

Thickness: 8-50um

Width: 1650mm

Aperture: 0.2-0.5um

Temperature resistance: -150 ° C -300 ° C

UV resistance: >97%

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