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PTFE dust-removing membrane filter

Name:PTFE dust-removing membrane filter


PTFE dust-removing membrane filter

PTFE microporous film composite filter material adopts acupuncture, spunlace or machine cloth as well-known brands at home and abroad as the carrier, and uses the international leading lamination technology to perfectly combine PTFE microporous film and substrate, and concentrate on the deep layer. Filtration, mainly divided into: room temperature film, such as: polyester needle felt, antistatic needle felt, PPS felt, polyester 729, etc.; high temperature film, such as: PTFE needle felt, aramid (NOMEX) needle felt, Glass fiber needle felt, P-84 filter felt, etc. Widely used in steel, power plants, cement plants, chemical plants, waste incineration and other pollution areas.

Main features:

1, the filtration accuracy reaches 99.9% or more

1, a large amount of ventilation

2, easy to clean gray

3, long service life

4, the fiber is not blocked

Technical Parameters:

Air permeability: ≥25L/m2.s (200pa)

Filtration efficiency: ≥99.8%

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