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What are the basic common sense of polytetrafluoroethylene [PTFE]?

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PTFE and its filling products: First, general materials Various rods, tubes, plates, belts, ropes, packings, gaskets. Second, anti-corrosion

PTFE and its filling products:

First, general materials

Various rods, tubes, plates, belts, ropes, packings, gaskets.

Second, anti-corrosion

1. Pipes and fittings: pure polytetrafluoroethylene pipe; PTFE inner liner; outer wrapped glass steel pipe; steel composite flange;

2. Chemical container lining: polytetrafluoroethylene lining kettle; PTFE lining groove; PTFE lining tower;

3. Heat exchanger;

4. Corrugated telescopic tube;

5. The main components of the valve and pump;

6. Steel wire reinforced full pressure hose;

7. Filter material.

The PTFE membrane is a new material after longitudinal and transverse biaxial stretching. It is a new material. It can be combined with other fabrics to form a soot solid phase anti-corrosion filter bag or a good waterproof, breathable and windproof rain gear sportswear. , cold clothing, special protective clothing and portable tents, pharmaceutical air compressed air, sterile filtration of various solvents and filtration of high purity gases in the electronics industry.

Third, the seal class

1. Static seal: sandwich gasket; seat belt; elastic sealing belt;

2. Dynamic sealing (preparation of packing and annular seal): V-type sealing body for shaft, piston rod, valve; turbo pump inner seal; PTFE and rubber composite sealing ring; with bellows retractable Machinery Seal.

Fourth, the load class

1. Filled with PTFE bearings for food chemical papermaking and textile machinery;

2. Porous copper impregnated fluoroplastic metal bearing can be used normally under high temperature and high pressure dry friction and vacuum conditions;

3. Bearing lining made of composite fabric of polytetrafluoroethylene fiber bearing PTFE fiber and glass fiber or other fiber blended for low speed and high load;

4. Fill the PTFE piston ring, guide ring, machine guide and bridge slider;

5. Insulation class:

1. Class C insulation material for wire and cable;

2. The jacket of the stator and rotor water conduit and thermocouple of the dual-water inner-cooled steam turbine generator;

3. High frequency, ultra high frequency communication equipment and radar microwave insulation materials;

4. Printed circuit substrate and motor, transformer (including gas transformer) insulation materials;

5. Insulation materials for air conditioners, electronic furnaces, various heaters and sulphur hexafluoride circuit breakers;

Sixth, anti-stick class:

1. The PTFE glass cloth coating on the hot roller of the sizing machine can eliminate the sticking phenomenon formed by the chemical slurry, and greatly improve the production rate and the quality of the grey cloth;

2. The microwave drying conveyor belt of the food industry has the advantage of not absorbing microwave energy compared with other materials, and the non-sticky material has the advantages of saving electricity and cleaning;

3. The heat sealing sleeve anti-adhesive material of the polyethylene bag sealing;

4. Anti-stick coating for kitchen pot, baking bread baking mold, frozen food storage tray, electric iron bottom, copier nip roller;

Seven, temperature-resistant class:

1. A drive mechanism for a microwave oven, such as a coupling and a roller of a microwave oven;

2. Temperature-resistant accessories for various refrigerators, air conditioners, oxygen generators, and compressors;

Eight, other categories:

1. Human replacement arteries, venous blood vessels, heart membranes;

2. Endoscope, forceps catheter, trachea;

3. Other medical equipment such as tubes, bottles and filter cloths.

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